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Aims & Objectives

  • To provide possibly the best training facilities to the youth from home and abroad to enable confidence gain, generate self-employment, strengthen national integration and promote international understanding.
  • To develop and boost leadership qualities in youth.
  • To boost adventure tourism in the state and country.
  • To strengthen and improve the existing infrastructure, equipment availability, human resources & other facilities.
  • To provide opportunity to youth to participate in national level competitions viz. National Winter Games Championships, Water Sports competitions and Mountaineering expeditions etc.
  • To devise ways and means to encourage youth to strive for attainment of adventure professionalism with modern sensibilities.
  • To arrange special requirement based adventure training programme and courses.
  • To ensure full participation of adventure enthusiast youth in national reconstruction.
  • To keep youth away from counterproductive and anti social activities.
  • To create environmental awareness and pioneer initiatives that encourage natural conservation.
  • To advance the knowledge of adventure sports, related fields and the impact of adventure tourism on the nature.

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