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Medical Wing

The institute boasts of a separate medical wing that operates under the charge of the appointed Medical Officer (MBBS). This department is dedicated to impart crucial medically relevant knowledge and tips to the candidates enrolled for several physically demanding courses and high altitude training.

The candidates and staff of ABVIMAS benefit from the in-house availability of general OPD, medicines and prompt medical attention whenever necessary.

To manage any unfortunate accidental injury on spot, the medical wing extends its services to the training fields by means of pharmacists/ visiting pharmacists that are trained in Basic Life Support, First Aid and High Altitude Sickness Management. Medical Officer accompanies training staff on demand of the nature of course/ expeditions.

Note : Candidates are expected to obtain medical clearance for their respective courses from a registered doctor/ Govt. Medical Officer prior to arrival to ABVIMAS. In any case, if medical clearance was not obtained in time before ones arrival to the institute, the candidate shall be able to avail the same from the Medical Officer at ABVIMAS but if the candidate is found to be unfit on arrival he/she may respectfully be disqualified.

In-charge : Dr. Sonali Sharma Medical Officer, ABVIMAS